Looking for activities to complete with your tween/teen?

ParentsAreTALKING has created two interactive games about different reproductive health topics that you can do by yourself, or together with your teen.

As your child transitions into becoming a teenager, navigating conversations with them around sexual and reproductive health can sometimes be a little tricky. The purpose of these games is to provide parents and caregivers with insights and tips on how to start conversations on different reproductive health topics, not engage in conversation roadblocks, and practice active listening skills.

Click here to navigate to our What Would You Say? games on puberty and relationships. 

Research shows that teens who have open and honest communication with their parents about sex are more likely to delay sexual activity, have fewer sexual partners, and use condoms and other contraceptives when they do decide to have sex. Game 1 focuses on puberty and how to navigate a situation where your teen may need to start using deodorant for the first time, while Game 2 focuses on how to start a conversation with your teen about healthy romantic relationships.

Need help starting that conversation about sex and relationships? ParentsAreTALKING has also created a crossword puzzle about contraception that you can complete together with your tween/teen!

You can download and print the crossword puzzle below to learn more about different birth control options that are available. Complete it together with your teen to help start a conversation about safe sex, healthy relationships, and to learn about the birth control options available for your teen. For the answers, click here!

And remember, have fun!